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  • May 20, 2019

Two Goats Award Winning CX AR Studio creates cutting edge Augmented Reality experiences for Retail, Entertainment, Media and Marketing. Our Studio reflects our desire to put brands at the forefront of what’s possible. 

Our award-winning Customer Experience AR Studio is the outcome of a significant shift in the creative work that we get asked to produce. Its purpose is to help us and our clients bring ideas to life, firstly, as a rapid ‘proof of concept’ and finally, as a fully developed software solution for customer-centric experiences at scale.

Moreover, we have been developing a flexible and robust AR development pipeline, which allows us to quickly and easily develop AR experiences with the ability to remotely add or remove content in real-time, all the way from 3D interactive animations, to graphical overlays and video.


Two Goats multiplay & instant reward b-AR Games – controlled by coasters!

Working on projects with clients requires a controlled development process that prioritizes proven outcomes. So working on an internal demo with no brief can be more challenging.

In a project with a defined brief, development that would be tangential or requires demonstrable examples can get shifted to the side in favor of risk-free or proven technology – and understandably so. Above all else, solutions delivered to clients need to function reliably, as intended, and to scope.

Sometimes, though, these nascent ideas are worth a little more attention.

Our AR-X Studio affords us the freedom to explore tangential elements and develop them outside of the confines of specified briefs and use cases.

Often in these scenarios, it’s not about producing the most polished content – it’s much more of an iterative sprint to see what we can actually get working. A testing ground of sorts that lets us play with elements that we want to see, and follow our noses.

Two Goats use 3D scanning and take shoppable AR to the next level

This development ultimately feeds into our commercial projects – but it has to start somewhere. In an industry as fast and volatile as AR, it’s essential that we take the opportunity to develop these notions, both creatively and technically.

And it helps that we enjoy it too!

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Author Richard Cumming

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