A+E AlienCon – AR Virtual Badge Buddy

Two Goats analysts, designers, and developers collaborate on real-world prototypes that validate the experience and define the success of a product. So when A+E invited us to AlienCon to showcase BADGE BUDDIES, our latest AR experience that unlocks a whole new layer of interactivity for thousands of convention fans – we were over the moon!

AlienCon brings the stars and fans of History’s Ancient Aliens together for an out of this world convention like no other.

We create engaging experiences that humans interact with and return to – thinking about new ways to engage with fans at the convention and beyond was fun work for our innovation team, who looked toward augmented reality to create something that was fun and playful, but also useful.

BADGE BUDDIES uses something every attendee has — their badge — to unlock a highly engaging 3D character that helps them explore the convention in an entirely new way and make sure they don’t miss a thing.

The idea is that our little green martian helps attendees stay up-to-date with notification and reminders, helps them find their way to a panel or their favorite vendor, provides personalized recommendations so they can experience the things that matter most, and let’s them unlock games and other exclusive content.

We showed attendees, exhibitors, and vendors an early preview of the product and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive. By testing our product with users at the convention, we were able to gather invaluable insight and data that will allow us to continue shaping BADGE BUDDIES into a premium digital experience.

For more information about BADGE BUDDIES and how we can customize our product for your convention, simply text +1 917 302 3625.

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